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50: Future Taiwanese Lobbyist Cory Gardner

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast Senate Republicans keep shouting O’Doyle Rules as their car flies off the coronavirus cliff, We find our second favorite US Senator boning up on his mandarin in preparation for his next job, QAnon makes it to the White House, we weigh the relative merits of a little spray-paint against all of the horrible things visited upon this nation since 2016, and we interview yet another Jason Bane marking the first time the podcast has gone INTERNATIONAL!

49: Q-Donkulous

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast it’s less than 100 days til the biggest election ever ever ever, Senate Republicans want everyone to become homeless and then sweep them off the streets, we find Cory Gardner not in Washington doing his job, but at a ridiculous photo op with handbag designer and black bean enthusiast, Ivanka Trump, 9News fires an antifascist (and it’s not Ian this time), Aurora Mayor and vanquished former congressman Mike Coffman reminds us why we worked so hard to beat him in 2018, we play a new game, and the podcast turns one year old!

48: The Boebert Report (ft. David Ortiz)

Pandemic-Presidential-Pardoning-Pence-Pandering-Vice President-Picking-Palooza! Another edition of the Boebert Report, we can’t seem to find our second favorite US Senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner AND we interview David Ortiz, Democratic Candidate for State House in Littleton and Centennial who is running against a dude with an impossible to not snicker at name.

47: Post-Primary-Processing-Pallooza!

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast it’s Post-Primary-Processing-Pallooza! A local gun group pulls the trigger and a tiny little flag that says BANG pops out of the barrel, Cory Gardner wears a mask, Lauren Boebert wears a gun, we tempt the fates by attempting to be light hearted about the coronavirus, even Trump’s fake poll shows him losing by 10 points, and we may get a look at his tax returns after all!

46: Primary-Prognostication-Palooza!

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast it’s Primary-Prognostication-Palooza! The President takes a pounding in the polls, a potential politician pretends to be a professional, and more pretentious pablum from some political putzes.

45: CO Legislature Review (ft. Rep. Chris Kennedy)

Donald Trump’s collapsing poll numbers, Andrew Romanoff and John Hickenlooper square off in three debates for the chance to take on our second favorite senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner, who put out the worst ad we’ve seen all cycle so far, possibly in our lives, and we interview Colorado House Assistant Majority Leader, our friend and yours, State Representative Chris Kennedy about the most confusing legislative session in recent memory.

44: Everything You Wish You Knew About Polling (ft. Andrew Baumann)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast we are still getting emails from corporations and nonprofits engaging in performative email allyship. Turd Ferguson makes his debut at the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission, an initially controversial police accountability and reform bill get surprising bipartisan support in the Colorado Senate, and despite all that, the walls are clearly caving in on Colorado Republicans. Plus, our interview with Andrew Baumann, Senior Vice President of Research at Global Strategy Group (and is really the only one qualified to do any prognosticating on this podcast at all).

43: Protests and Police Violence (ft. Jason Bane of Richmond, VA)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast…Coronavirus is not our first topic today as protests about police violence take over headlines…Colorado Republican lawmakers do the worst thing they could have done…we find our second favorite U.S. Senator, Cory Gardner, in a really bad place…and we talk to another person named Jason Bane.

42: Abortion Bans = Bad (ft. Jacki Lawrence of Cobalt)

Does the right to contract a deadly virus stop at the tip of your windpipe? The Colorado legislature goes back to session in an alternative universe that barely resembles where they were in March when they shut it down, our second favorite US Senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner becomes the first candidate for senate do decline the 9News debate in 22 years because he’s a coward, the great tax cut wars of 2020 begin and one side is a bunch of lying liars, and our latest edition of WHAT THE BUCK? (Because you don’t see Morgan Carroll making a fool out of herself every single week, now do you?) Finally, we interview Jaki Lawrence, Strategic Communications Director for Cobalt, who walks us through yet another partisan abortion ban which will not only go down in flames but also waste a lot of time and money doing so.

41: Rep. Daneya Esgar Gets More Smarter

We discuss the “free-dumb” to get coronavirus (1:04), FEMA diverts another PPE shipment and fights Ian on Twitter (10:12), Gov. Polis visits the White House with our second-favorite senator from Colorado (Cory Gardner) (15:34), What the Buck? gets an update (20″40), and Joint Budget Committee Chairwoman Rep. Daneya Esgar breaks down the budget crisis facing the state legislature because of the coronavirus pandemic (29:50).