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59: Rep. Diana DeGette Gets More Smarter (10/29/20)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, the 2020 BLUE WAVE is here, especially in Colorado, we find Cory at the bottom of the polls (still), Lauren Boebert continues to do everything she can to make CD3 a race that she loses, and “The Dean of the Colorado Delegation,” Congresswoman Diana DeGette, joins us for an interview. We talk COVID-19 vaccine, abortion rights, Lauren Boebert, and get her thoughts on the craziest election of her tenure in office. Big show!

58: You Eat An Elephant One Bite At A Time ft. Laura Packard and Mayor Michael Hancock (10/19/20)

Two interviews this week! First, we talk to Laura Packard — health care activist, stage-four cancer survivor, and bane of Republicans who want to destroy the Affordable Cara Act. Next, we talk with Denver Mayor Michael Hancock joins to talk about the lengthy ballot for Denver voters, homelessness, Black Lives Matter protests, right-wing disinformation campaigns, and more.

57: Get More Weiser (ft. Attorney General Phil Weiser)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, could 2020’s blue wave in Colorado make 2018 look like a tiny ripple in the pond? We find our second favorite US Senator from Colorado, Cory Gardner, deep in Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump’s pockets, we find Trump taking a page from Gardner’s playbook of fake healthcare plans, and we continue to find reasons to revisit our segment What the Buck??. We interview Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser, and we say goodbye to his old boss, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a titan of the court and yet another feather in 2020’s worst year ever cap. May her memory be a blessing.

56: Is All Politics Local? (ft. Senate President Leroy Garcia)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, a new poll shows what lots of other polls are showing, that Trump and Gardner are losing by double digits and progressives and their policy positions are popular! Donald Trump knowingly lied about the coronavirus, has blood on his hands (including that of 2,000 Coloradans), and Cory Gardner still hasn’t said jack about it. We find Cory auditioning for his next career as a luxury car washer, we revisit some more old political slogans to see if there’s any wisdom in them, and President Leroy Garcia from the great city of Pueblo, CO joins us (46:18).

55: Trump Hates the Troops (ft. Kyra Storojev)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, it’s Ethan’s birthday! Donald Trump is the most anti-military president in history and our second favorite US Senator from Colorado won’t say it. Colorado Republicans don’t send me a thank-you note for the graffiti at the capitol being cleaned up. Congress is working hard while the US Senate is hardly working, We we bring you the latest edition of the Boebert Report, and Kyra Storojev, Democratic candidate for HD-44 joins us.

54: Diane Mitsch Bush and Alexis King Get More Smarter

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast we revisit the Trump Brand Trumpvention, Ken Buck’s fashion choices are just as questionable as the rest of the decision he seems to make on a daily basis, Dudley Brown remains the worst grifter on earth, we find Cory Gardner at the bottom of the barrel, once again, and we have two amazing guests, Alexis King, candidate for District Attorney in Jeffco and Gilpin and Diane Mitsch Bush, the next Congresswoman from Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.

53: The Slate of Hate (ft. Justine Sandoval)

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast it’s a very special back to school episode! We recap the Democratic National Convention that I totally watched all of, promise. We preview the Trump-brand Republican National Convention which I will watch even more of, scout’s honor, really, we bid farewell to our favorite maritally confusing counselor to the president, we zoom in on the worst vice president since Aaron Burr, we find our second favorite US Senator from Colorado trying to horse excrement his way into a second term, another edition of the Boebert Report highlights some news for our second favorite candidate for congressional district 3, the self-proclaimed “pro-life” party is an absolute death cult, and Justine Sandoval from COBALT joins us to play Colorado’s favorite political podcast based gameshow about conspiracy theories, QDonkulous.

52: Cardboard Cory – The Documentary: The Podcast (ft. Nick Rosen and Erik Maulbetsch)

We interview filmmaker Nick Rosen about his new Cardboard Cory documentary and check in with journalist Erik Maulbetsch of The Colorado Times Recorder about a QAnon rally in Denver. Also, we talk Kamala Harris as the VP pick, find Cory writing empty bills and advertising everywhere but in Colorado, get an update on the GOP’s war against the post office, check Lauren Boebert’s arrest records, and so much more.

51: Santa Cory and the Do Nothing GOP

Americans are still struggling from the effects of the Pandemic which broke 5 million cases in the US alone over the weekend and claimed the lives of 162,000 Americans to say nothing of the economic effects made much worse by Senate Republican inaction, Trump signs executive orders that are probably illegal and definitely inadequate, and hey, no one is listening to Donald Trump anyway, our 2nd favorite US Senators tells Coloradans to Take a Hike! self-proclaimed pro-police demonstrators physically assault Black Lives Matter counter-protesters and film it all themselves, and everything is still generally terrible.

50: Future Taiwanese Lobbyist Cory Gardner

This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast Senate Republicans keep shouting O’Doyle Rules as their car flies off the coronavirus cliff, We find our second favorite US Senator boning up on his mandarin in preparation for his next job, QAnon makes it to the White House, we weigh the relative merits of a little spray-paint against all of the horrible things visited upon this nation since 2016, and we interview yet another Jason Bane marking the first time the podcast has gone INTERNATIONAL!