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This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast, an all-quick-hits episode! For our last show of 2021 we’re trying something new, a wide range of topics having missed our very, very obvious opportunity to make the 2022 predictions episode our last one of the year. Also we want to give a special shoutout to that conservative tracker who drew the short straw and has to listen to this and transcribe it every week, we feel you buddy. So let’s get into it!

Topics include

  1. Kill the Filibuster? (1:03)
  2. CO-08 (4:35)
  3. Attorney General Race (8:27)
  4. The Boebert Report (9:50)
  5. Doug Lamborn! (14:41)
  6. GOP Candidate for Governor Danielle Neuschwanger’s Homophobia (19:30)
  7. Finding Cory (21:56)
  8. Republican Governors Taking Credit for Stuff They Didn’t Do (23:22)
  9. Two-Face Heidi Ganahl (24:06)
  10. Local Government Collective Bargaining (26:06)
  11. El Paso GOP Nonsense (28:11)
  12. Joe Oltman is Dangerous (29:39)
  13. Lara Trump Misremembers January 6th (33:40)
  14. Happy Holidays to the War on Christmas (35:03)

Watch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’s segment on Lauren Boebert

Hosts: Jason Bane | Ian Silverii
Producer: Ethan Black
Music: Breakmaster Cylinder

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