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This week, our favorite Colorado insurrectionist joins the US Senate Republican Primary and we’re taking bets on how badly this ruins GOP chances to beat Michael Bennet in 2022. Our 7th favorite congressperson from Colorado makes us ask, once again, “What the hell is wrong with our 7th favorite congressperson from Colorado?” The Colorado Republican Party doesn’t know the first rule of fight club, so the break the hell out of it. We have another edition of MAP MADNESS, where we discuss the brand-new redistricting and reapportionment process in Colorado AND we interview Evan Wyloge, reporter for the various Gazettes and who has had the distinct pleasure of covering this public-political-cartography process not once, but twice!

Follow Evan on Twitter: @EvanWyloge

Some of Evan’s redistricting articles mentioned in the interview
– Coordinated persuasion efforts emerge in Colorado redistricting commissions’ public comments (9/20/21)
– Challenge to congressional map plan over minority protections announced already (9/30/21)
– Newly revealed interactions added to redistricting lobbying complaint (9/27/21)
– Colorado nonprofit targeted with redistricting lobbying complaint helped draft others’ map proposals (8/30/21)

This week, we’re doing a feed-swap with our friends at City Cast Denver, Denver’s only local daily news podcast. They make terrific content, and you’ll find their recent episode about Casa Bonita in our feed. Subscribe to the City Cast Denver podcast and newsletter.

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