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The Colorado Governor’s race has gone to the doggy day care: we interview a dog to find out what this all means. We have questions for anyone running for office in 2022 and so should you; we’ve been asking you all to vax that ass up for weeks now, and now President Biden is requiring you to do so; map madness continues with another round of staff maps from the congressional and legislative redistricting commissions; on top of being generally awful, Lauren Boebert is just, well, weird; the Mesa County Clerk Crime family is at it again, who’s turning themselves in this week?; and those death panels Sarah Palin warned us about back in 2008? Well, they’re real now, and they’re in Idaho.

Hosts: Jason Bane | Ian Silverii
Producer: Ethan Black
Intern: Taleen Sample
Music: Breakmaster Cylinder

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