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This week, the Colorado Republican Bench is down to one candidate—what office will Heidi Ganahl run for and lose in 2022? The Big Line is back; we discuss why the Dead Guvs are the best prognosticators in Colorado Politics; teaching about racism isn’t racist, no matter how hurt your feelings get, white people; we have a new segment about Twitter, and it will come in 280 character bursts; and we talk about our 6th and 7th favorite congresspeople from Colorado. But first, Jon Murray, Enterprise and Transportation Reporter from the Denver Post, joins us to talk about his weekend feature on the Libertarian Party’s 50 years of not-making-a-very-big-impact on politics in Colorado or anywhere else and the historic, bipartisan transportation bill that was signed into law last week.

The Libertarian Party, born in Colorado 50 years ago, still seeks elusive mainstream acceptance by Jon Murray (The Denver Post | June 20, 2021)

Hosts: Jason Bane | Ian Silverii
Producer: Ethan Black
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