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This week on the Get More Smarter Podcast it’s a very special back to school episode! We recap the Democratic National Convention that I totally watched all of, promise. We preview the Trump-brand Republican National Convention which I will watch even more of, scout’s honor, really, we bid farewell to our favorite maritally confusing counselor to the president, we zoom in on the worst vice president since Aaron Burr, we find our second favorite US Senator from Colorado trying to horse excrement his way into a second term, another edition of the Boebert Report highlights some news for our second favorite candidate for congressional district 3, the self-proclaimed “pro-life” party is an absolute death cult, and Justine Sandoval from COBALT joins us to play Colorado’s favorite political podcast based gameshow about conspiracy theories, QDonkulous.

**Note, this episode was recorded on Monday morning, August 24th before massive protests in Kenosha, WI after police shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times. This was before the NBA strikes and the murder of protestors by a 17 year-old white supremacist militia member. For that reason, the subject is not discussed on this episode.

Hosts: Jason Bane | Ian Silverii
Producer: Ethan Black
Music: Breakmaster Cylinder

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